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Employment Opportunities

Land Mangers: We are currently looking to add to our staff of land mangers in the Midwest states.  This position will combine the individual’s passion for hunting and outdoors to effectively support the mission of Midwest Hunting Adventures.  You will be responsible for meeting with landowners and hunters. 

You will be required to setup properties in your area for the use of hunting while securing hunters around the world to enjoy the adventure they are after.  The persons we are looking for will have good organizational skills and have great communication skills with excellent follow up.  This position can be supported part-time or full time. 

You must understand and support all state hunting laws.  At times you will be required to scout, set up game cameras, assure the safety on a piece of property.  We are seeking those that have knowledge in hunting, experience in land management or willingness to follow our programs, and outgoing trust worthy personality.



We are currently looking for guides in Arkansas.  We have one position with our club in the Black Rock area and we are looking to add a guide that has knowledge of the WMA properties in Arkansas.  We have several corporate clients that look for a guide to assist them in their entertainment with their clients throughout the year. 

We provide these clients with a lot of different opportunities to access hunting ground and we have found that the WMA properties with an experienced guide can offer them the diversification they are after in Arkansas.  We also will be looking to add a goose guide or two in both St. Charles County, Missouri and Black Rock Arkansas for the 2007/2008 goose season. 

This will be a new service we will be offering and as the owners and guides have experience in this field, we feel that we can find the best in goose guides to offer our clients the best adventure in goose hunting.  



Are you:

  • Leasing ground, do you own land that others hunt on, do rent land for hunting?
  • Do you have a collection of Firearms?                     
  • Do use your ATV’s for hunting?
  • Do provide transportation for others when hunting?
  • Do you own a hunt/fishing club, a shooting range or trap range?     
  • Are you traveling over seas on a hunting trip?          
  • Are you a sponsor of a hunting, fishing event, or a charity outing?
  • Do you have a boat used for guiding are you an outfitter?
  • Are you a guide or provide hunting services?                       
  • Are you worried about a cancellation of an event due to weather?
  • Are you looking to spice up and event with prizes or big cash amounts?     
  • Are you looking to draw attention to you next event need aid in marketing your event? 

We can aid you in finding low cost solutions to all of these events, plus more. 


Midwest Hunting Adventures has a licensed Insurance Agent on staff that can provide you a comprehensive review of all of these coverage’s above.  In addition to offering you alternatives or solutions, he can offer a review for your business, farm property, and other insurance needs.  Contact our office today to learn more about your options and the ability to secure excellent coverage’s with national carriers for premiums you can afford.

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