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Where We Hunt Turkey

We have several parcels in Adair County in Northeast/Central Missouri.  We offer bow hunts and shot gun hunts.  Both spring and fall hunts are available.  We also have a 25 acre solid woods that backs up to over 300 acres woods available in Monroe County, Missouri by Mark Twain Lake.  Lodging can be included onsite as well with this hunt.  This 25 acre track is surrounded by private land and on the west side borders over 150 acres of property that is not hunted. 

The property does not border any public use land, but we have access to aid you in getting to some of this public ground that others do not have.  We have a 60 acre tract of land that is in St. Charles County, Missouri.  We also have access to an additional 2,000 acres in St. Charles County. 

Several parcels of this 2,000 acres does produce some great Tom activity, but we limit the number of hunters as we are in a 10 year wildlife management program to ensure great hunts in the future.  Several of our properties will accommodate you for lodging otherwise local hotels are within 30 minutes or less from our parcels.

Season Information & Rates

April 16 – May 6, 2007 
Youth March 31 – April 1, 2007
Contacted us for available dates and locations. 

We offer fully guided hunts and also un-guided hunts.  Several of our locations offer excellent un-guided hunts for those that have experience and would like to enjoy the hunt with their style!  Otherwise we will be happy to accommodate you on a completely relaxing turkey hunt adventure.

What You'll Need to Bring

Turkey License:  http://www.mdc.mo.gov/hunt/deer/deertuk/eight.htm

Gun, Ammo, camo, comfortable chair, and decoys on your un-guided hunt.  Do not forget your calls – are birds are not heavily hunted and in some cases your calls will aid you drastically in getting that Tom to strut the field.  We will strive to set you up in locations that will naturally produce birds.  Your ability on un-guided hunts will determine your success.


Chris “…WOW! WOW!  I had 17 turkey enter the field within ten minutes of setting up…I waited and finally took a 25 lb. 3 bearded Tom.”

Skipper “…weather did not want to work with us the first day, but when it cleared, I enjoyed the hunt….Although I took a jake because I had to leave, I saw plenty of Tom’s that will bring me back…”

Skipper – 2nd trip “…GOT HIM!  I spent the next two weeks working after hunting on your property thinking about those birds I saw but I could not get in. The weather was not helping me on that trip…I took a very nice 23lb. Bird.”

John O. - 9th largest turkey recorded in Missouri 28lbs.

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